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Caterpillar 730 / 735

Caterpillar 730/735

Caterpillar USA


Caterpillar 730 / 735

2018 - p.t.

Caterpillar began production of updated articulated dump trucks 730, 730EJ and 735 in early 2018. They are replaced the C-series trucks (models 730C2, 730C2 EJ, and 735C). The main difference is a new cab with significantly improved visibility and noise isolation.

The new Caterpillar 730 and 730EJ are equipped with hill-start feature and an automatic retarder control. The Model 735 retained these functions from its predecessor. All three dump trucks are fitted with a Cat C13 ACERT engine rated at 367 (730 and 730EJ) or 428 hp (at 735), which connected with a Cat CX31 gearbox. Design improvements of the Cat 735 allowed to reduce its empty weight by 22% and fuel consumption by 19%.

The equipment also includes an improved automatic climate control system and a new driver’s seat with heating and cooling features. LED headlights have become more effective, while updated rear-view mirrors provide better visibility.

Curb weight of Caterpillar 730 is 23.9 tonnes, 730 EJ – 26.6 tonnes, 735 – 25.3 tonnes. Payload of the Caterpillar 730 and 730 EJ is 28 tonnes, 735 to 32 tonnes.

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