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2015 - 2015

BYD together with Beijing Sanitation Group created the first ever 16-tonnes fully electric sweeper. Overall dimensions — 8265x1500x3260 mm. The cabin is similar to those installed on Foton trucks. Interior features are similar to lighter models the T5 and T7. It has a digital instrument panel and simple gearbox controller with 3 buttons: R, N and D. There is a bed behind the front seats.

BYD T8 is equipped with 2 packs of batteries with a capacity of 175 kWh each. They supply energy to the electric motor and auxiliary equipment. The motor is located near the rear axle and has an output of 150 kW. Thanks to the 2-speed automatic transmission, BYD T8 can reach 85 kph of maximum speed. Range is 300 km.

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