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2016 - 2016

Spring 2016, BYD showcased a prototype of the fully-electric medium duty truck BYD T5. The engineers of the company tried to save regular design of medium-duty trucks with a gasoline or diesel engines. They fitted a cabin with vertical headlights, similar to Isuzu Elf trucks. The only exterior design difference is bright green color of the cabin and body.

But if you check the chassis, you’ll find several new parts. There is no gas tank here, but all free space between axles is occupied by the battery packs. The compressed air tank and two 24V batteries are located in the rear.

The interior is also very similar. The only thing ‘not from here’ is the digital instrument panel. Gearbox has only 3 buttons: R, N and D. BYD T5 is powered by a single electric motor rated at 90 kW and 550 Nm. The gearbox is 2-speed automatic. Range — 250 km. Top speed — 100 kph.

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