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BMC Vuran



BMC Vuran

2009 - p.t.

The Turkish company BMC Sanayi ve Ticaret AS demonstrated the Vuran 4×4 MPAV multipurpose armored vehicle in 2009.

The BMC Vuran 4×4 MPAV has been designed for multiple purposes such as patrolling, surveillance, fire support and homeland security. It has mine and ballistic protection, according to which it corresponds to the MRAP class.

Vuran is a licensed version of Hurricane, created by the Israeli company Hatehof (now Carmor). In 2014, a contract was signed for the supply of 60 such machines to the Special Operations Directorate of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The MRAP is equipped with a remote-controlled combat module, automatic fire-extinguishing, ventilation and air conditioning system and wheel inserts for running on a flat tire. Thanks to the 250 hp engine, automatic transmission and independent suspension, as well as its compact size, the vehicle has high mobility. It can carry up to 9 people, including the driver.

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