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BMC Professyonel / Professional

BMC Professyonel



BMC Professyonel / Professional

1996 - 2018

1st generation. 1996 — 2007

The most famous model of the BMC is a range of heavy vehicles Profesyonel, abbreviated as Pro (for export – Professional). They are created on the Fatih chassis, but equipped with more advanced units and a streamlined cab developed by the Italian company Pininfarina.

This range is produced in two dozen designs with a total weight of up to 26 tons with wheel arrangements 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×2. A medium-class Pro-518 truck is arriving in European countries, on which a 3.9-liter Cummins ISBe diesel engine with a capacity of 170 hp is mounted. It complies with Euro-3 standards and is equipped with a manual 6-speed ZF transmission (optional – automatic) and disc brakes with ABS.

The base model of the Professional range is the 600 series (4×2 \ 6×2) with Cummins engines (162-287 hp), 6 and 9-speed Eaton gearboxes, suspension on parabolic springs or air suspension, short or extended cab. The Pro-625 and Pro-628 (4×2 \ 6×2) equipped with a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine (Euro-3) with a power of 249 and 271 hp are supplied for export.

The 800 series includes heavy models with an 8.3-liter engines with a pwoer of 220-287 hp. from. Export options are the 17-ton 832LDB (6×4) dump truck and the 832LCX truck tractor for operation in road trains with a GCVW of 44 tonnes, equipped with a 9- or 16-speed ZF gearbox, rear air suspension and a sleeper cab.

Since the end of 2004, the flagship model is the Pro-935 tractor with an 8.9-liter Cummins ISL (Euro-3) engine with a power of 350 hp, 16-speed gearbox ZF, Hendrickson rear air suspension with electronic regulation ECAS. As a part of a 40-ton road train it has a top speed of 103 km/h.

The Professyonel range includes the following models:

  • PRO518 (payload 8.5 t)
  • PRO522 (payload 11.9 t)
  • PRO620 (payload 11 t)
  • PRO624 / 625 (payload 11.5 t)
  • PRO628 (payload 23 t)
  • PRO827 / 832 (payload 26 t)
  • PRO935

In 2007-2008 road models were replaced with updated versions. Only construction versions remain in production.

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2nd generation. 2007 — 2018

In 2007, an updated version of the most popular BMC model — the Professyonel — was presented. The trucks received a new front end design with twin round headlights. The interior of the truck was also changed — it received new materials, a new dashboard and many additional options previously unavailable.

A more powerful engine appeared rated at 420 hp. There is now a high roof cab option. The range now includes the following models:

  • PRO518 (payload 8 t, Cummins ISBe4+ Euro4+ 185 hp)
  • PRO522 (payload up to 15 t, Cummins B215 Euro2 215 hp or Cummins ISBe4+ Euro4+ 225 hp)
  • PRO625 (payload up to 17.5 t, Cummins B235 Euro1 235 hp)
  • PRO625VHX (payload 12.5 t, Cummins ISBe5 Euro5 250 hp)
  • PRO628DHZ (payload 18.5 t, Cummins ISBe5 Euro5 285 hp)
  • PRO827 (8×2, payload 18 t, Cummins ISBe4+ Euro4+ 285 hp)
  • PRO832 (payload of the road train is up to 34 t, Cummins C 300 Euro 2, 300 hp)
  • PRO938 (payload 16.5 t for 6×4 and 22.7 t for 8×4, Cummins ISLe5 Euro 5 380 hp)
  • PRO940 (payload 18 t, Cummins ISLe4 Euro4+ 400 hp)
  • PRO1142 (payload of the road train is up to 60 tons, Cummins ISMe420 Euro 3, 420 hp)

Successor: BMC Tugra

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