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Baoshi 轻卡 (Light Truck Series)

Baoshi BS4010P



Baoshi 轻卡 (Light Truck Series)

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Light Series of Baoshi company is represented by 4 models with cabin-copy of Isuzu trucks. The lightest model BS2310 has a load capacity of 750 kg and the total mass of 2230 kg. QC480Q engine has an output of 29 hp. Maximum speed is 68 km/h.

The next is the BS2810 model with a payload of 990 kg and the total mass of 2770 kg. It is equipped with N485QA engine with an output of 35 hp, which accelerates the vehicle up to 69 km/h.

The next model is BS4010. It differs from BS2810 by the increased wheelbase (3300 mm versus 2600 mm) and a more powerful 490B engine (45 hp). Load capacity is 990 kg, max speed is 61 km/h.

The heaviest model is BS5815 with a payload of 1490 kg and the total mass of 3775 kg. It is equipped with DongFeng CY4100Q engine which develops 63 hp. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

All 4 models are available with an extended cab (models BS2310P, BS2810P, BS4010P and BS5815P). There are P1 versions also, featured by a wide range of different engines.

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