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BAE Systems Vector

BAE Systems Vector

BAE Systems United Kingdom


BAE Systems Vector

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Vector PPV based on Pinzgauer (6×6) chassis with an armored van body made by BAE Systems Land Systems. Armored body has blast and roll over protection. The information about the level of protection of the 6-ton (GVW) machine was not announced.

In the center of the chassis is a tube frame integrated with a transfer case. Lockable differentials together with portal axles provide excellent cross-country ability. The Vector PPV was created for the UK market, so the driver sits on the right, and the operator on the left. All the windows are armored, but provide excellent visibility.

The crew compartment is located in the back and in the usual configuration is designed for four. The entrance and exit are through doors in the rear end, each of which is equipped with an armor window to control the situation. There are two large hatches in the roof. The seats are similar to those mounted on the BAE Systems Hägglunds Viking tracked vehicles used by the Royal Marines.

Standard equipment includes power steering, ABS, electronic traction control, ‘run flat’ tires and an air conditioning system. Optional equipment includes enhanced ballistic protection and a protection kit for the windows.

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