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BAE Systems RG-34

BAE Systems RG-34

BAE Systems South Africa


BAE Systems RG-34

2009 - p.t.

The RG-34 is a South African MRAP initially developed by a Belgian company Sabiex as the Iguana FV4. The development was initiated by Industrial & Automotive Department South Africa (IADSA). It was specially designed to be mine-resistant and was available in several versions, equipped for troop or cargo transport, command, and fire support. The RG-34 was one of the first MRAP fitted with a large gun system (90 mm caliber).

The first prototype was made in 2002 by a Belgium company. BAE Systems got necessary rights to develop and manufacture the vehicle in June 2009. The modern RG-34 MRAPS are fitted with a tactical remote turret (TRT) boasting a 25 mm M242 autocannon and a co-axial 7.62 mm machine gun.

RG-34’s cross-country performance is attributed to its unique suspension, a multi-link hydro-pneumatic structure mounted on a very rigid chassis. This affords optimal performance on road surfaces, a superior turning radius, and clearance over rugged terrain. When deployed in the reconnaissance role long-range fuel tanks give the vehicle an extended operating range of 1,000 kilometers. The engine is a 215 hp diesel connected to a 5-speed automatic gearbox. Top speed is 105 kph.

The hull of the RG-34 is of welded steel construction. Despite the weight restrictions imposed on wheeled platforms, all-around armor protection is reasonable against 7.62 mm AP rounds at 30 metres, air burst fragments, and anti-tank mines.

The RG-34 is used by Malasya (at least 200 MRAPs produced under the license), Nigeria and United Arab Emirates.

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