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BAE Systems Casspir Mk6

BAE Systems Casspir Mk6

BAE Systems South Africa


BAE Systems Casspir Mk6

2011 - p.t.

The new model Casspir Mk6 has 3-axle all-wheel drive chassis, whereas all previous Casspirs were and are four-wheel drive. However, 4×4 version is available as an option for this new model.

The Casspir Mk 6 is developed on the chassis of the Russian truck Ural 4320 with YAMZ 236NE2 turbocharged engine rated at 230 hp and manual gearbox YAMZ-236U. Using Russian components give 30% price decrease – the final cost of the Casspir Mk6 is about USD350,000.

The idea of using Ural’s chassis was suggested by Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra. So, the new vehicle has the monocoque V-shaped hull of the Casspir, mounted on chassis of russian truck.

The Casspir Mk 6 is basically an armored bus which can carry a driver, co-driver and 16 personnel. It is not intended as a combat vehicle. The Casspir Mk 6 has a length of 7.59 m, a width of 2.67 m and a hull height of 2.955 m. It has a ground clearance of 0.38 m, a turning circle of 22 m and a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

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