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Avia A15 / A20 / A30

Avia A30



Avia A15 / A20 / A30

1968 - 1983

The urgent necessity for own light commercials vehicles led in 1967 to a licensing agreement with French company Saviem and organization on the Avia plant producing of two basic models – SG2 and SG4. Since the next autumn, first modified 1.5-ton trucks A15 left the factory near Prague.

Those were the first trucks with Avia brand. 1.5-ton trucks were followed by almost the same 3-ton model A30 with GVW of up to 6 metric tonnes. These trucks used a licensed 4-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 3319 cm3 with direct fuel injection and spherical combustion chambers. Engine had a power of 72 hp (for A15) or 80 hp (for A30).

The other equipment is 4-speed gearbox, independent front suspension and hydraulic drum brakes. In 1977, both models received upgraded engines. The working volume was increased to 3596 cm3, although its power remained the same.

The A15 model had single tire 16-inch rear wheels and a lever-spring suspension, while the A30 used spring rear suspension and double rear 20-inch tires. Since the late 70s, the A15 was replaced by a 2-ton model A20.

All models were offered as a chassis with a metal 3-man cabin over the engine and several sizes of wheelbase (2680-3640 mm), but the light models A15 and A20 usually had metal van body with a capacity of 10 m3 and sliding side door. The A30 offered primarily as flatbed truck.

By 1978 the using of own components in Avia trucks had reached 98%, and the logo “Saviem License” was removed from the grilles.

Predecessor: Saviem SG2 / SG4
Successor: Avia A21 / A31

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