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Available Open Grill COE

1912 Available



Available Open Grill COE

1910 - 1915

The first Available Truck was manufactured in two sizes, of 1500 and 2000 pounds (ca. 907 kg), respectively, and with a wide variety of body designs. In the smaller car, the motor has a bore of five inches and a stroke of four, being of the water-cooled, two-cylinder, four-cycle type.

The connecting rod bearings are of brass, babbitt lined, while the other bearings are of Parsons’ white brass. The material is such as is calculated to make for long life and efficiency. The oiling system comprises a reservoir of 2.5 gallons (ca. 9 l) capacity, located in the crankcase. The lubricant is circulated by means of a centrifugal pump driven by the camshaft. The entire system has been tried out under exhaustive tests and is held to be thoroughly efficient.

The radiator is of the square tube type, extra large, and is guaranteed to keep the motor cool at all times. The drive is by shaft jackshaft, thence by two Diamond the rear roller chains to wheels. The transmission is planetary, and is a unit with the jackshaft. Both sets of brakes are located in the rear wheels, the emergency members being of the expanding type and the service, contracting.

The one-ton model is very similar in design, but is made heavier in almost every respect. The motor has a bore of 3.25 inches (ca. 8 cm) and stroke of four, employing the same circulating oiling system and centrifugal governor.

The brakes consist of 10-inch service members on the jackshaft and 12-inch emergency brakes on the rear wheels. A similar tire choice is permitted, the cross section being from 2.5 inches to four. The wheelbase of this model is 108 inches (2.74 m). The maker has found that the larger wagon makes a decided appeal to furniture concerns, and has arranged to provide a standard body for this work. This has a loading space of 4 4 by 108 by 24 inches, with a 22-inch tail gate, which extends the available loading space to 10 feet 10 inches.

Successor: Available Model 1 / Model 2 / Model 3-1/2 / Model 5

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