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Autocar DC-6366 / DC-9966 / DC-10366

Autocar DC-9966



Autocar DC-6366 / DC-9966 / DC-10366

1966 - 1983

Maximum mobility in the roughest terrain was provided by a new line of 6×6s Autocar trucks, presented in 1966. The DC6366, with 56,000-lb GVW rating on 200-, 212- or 224-in. wb.; The DC9966, rated for 73,000-lb GVW on five wheelbases ranging from 195 to 295 in.; The DC10366, with rated GVW of 83,000-85,000 lb. on five wheelbase lengths range from 195 to 295 in.

All models are diesel powered, by a 195-hp V-6 on units with 56,000-lb GVW and a 190-hp in-line Six on others, as standard. Several optional diesel engines are also available. Transmissions are a 5-speed manual with the V-6 engine and 4-speed manual with the in-line Six. A 4-speed manual auxiliary is standard on all models. Options include a 4-speed automatic transmission on models with 56,000-lb GVW.

Autocar’s all-wheel-drive 6x6s feature a new troublefree transfer case that’s geared 1:1 with no reduction. A manual clutch permits driver to disengage the front axle when traction is good. This minimizes gear and tire wear, reduces horsepower loss and assures maximum fuel economy. Also, there’s no differential in the transfer case to cause maintenance problems. The one-piece, cast-steel case can be coupled directly to an auxiliary gearbox or may be independently mounted.

Three front axles for the series have capacities of 15,000, 18,000 and 20,000 lb. All are double-reduction types with bevel gears for the first reduction and spur gears for the second. Constant-velocity joints deliver equal torque to each wheel, without variation — regardless of angle of wheel cut.

Results: constant tractive effort and no kickbacks fed through the steering linkage to the driver. Four doublereduction rear axles have rated capacities of 38,000, 44,000, 55,000 and 65,000 lb. Hydraulic power steering and Autocar’s Driver Cab are standard on all models. Both conventional and high-flotation tires are available. The trucks called DC66 after 1980.

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