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Autocar C-45 / C-75 / DC-75 / C-95

1949 Autocar C-75T



Autocar C-45 / C-75 / DC-75 / C-95

1948 - 1950

The 35,000-pound Gross Vehicle Weight gasoline-powered Autocar C-75T debuted in 1948. The C-75T was equipped with a Con R6572 engine and featured a setback front axle, large tires (11,00 x 22 inch), a low hood and curved front bumper. An odd number was added to the model designation to identify setback front axle models.

Introduced in 1949, the DC-75T offered 150-horsepower Cummins Diesel HB-600 as original equipment. A 200-horsepower supercharged Cummins Diesel HBS-600 was an option. Another set back front axle models were added in 1948 – the lightest C-45 and C-45T, and the heaviest C-95T. The first was offered with Autocar Blue Streak 377 engine, while the second – with Con R6602. 3 axle model DC7562 was also available with 6×2 wheel configuration.

Successor: Autocar C / DC with all-steel cab

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