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ATC Karkadan



ATC Karkadan

2005 - 2005

Armored personnel carrier Karkadan is a joint development of the Israel company Plasan Sasa and the American Truck Corporation (ATC) on the chassis of the Czech truck Tatra 815, presented at the AUSA 2005.

26-ton Karkadan truck accommodates 24 soldiers in full armor, protecting them from 7.62×51 caliber bullets from all angles, and if necessary after attaching additional armor from RPG-7. Mobility is provided by 400 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, working through a six-speed automatic gearbox Twin Disc Model TD61-1177. The maximum speed is up to 110 kph.

Theoretically, there is also anti-mine protection. In addition to personal carrier, the company planned to use Karkadan also as a mobile workshop, emergency vehicle, or wrecker machine, thanks to the huge body of 18 cubic meters and a capacity exceeding 12.5 tonnes. But this model has remained as the prototype only.

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