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Askam / Chrysler / Dodge / DeSoto / Fargo 8-Liter AS

Askam Fargo 8-litre



Askam / Chrysler / Dodge / DeSoto / Fargo 8-Liter AS

1996 - 2015

The cabover series 8-litre AS26.200 with a payload of 18.6 tons and the total weight of 26 tonnes is the first and very successful development of a Turkish engineers, based on a chassis of the construction dump truck AS950 with an axle arrangement 6×2.

This is the only model that was sold in Turkey under the Chrysler brand. The trucks had the 6-cylinder 6-liter diesel engine Perkins-200TDi turbocharged and intercooled, 196 hp power and 9-speed gearbox ZF.

The vehicles were produced with wheel bases 3600 and 4600 mm in a traditional Turkish design with wood-metal bodies 5,0-7,2 m long, equipped with 2 m height drop side and a front wall with a short visor above the cab.

Later, after the concern was renamed to the Askam Company, the trucks were sold under the name Askam Fargo 8-litre with a total weight of 19 to 32 tons. A new engine was added with 260 hp.

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