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Ahrens-Fox B-T / C-T / H-T / I-T

1946 Ahrens-Fox H-T



Ahrens-Fox B-T / C-T / H-T / I-T

1937 - 1952

The main updated models were B-T (1250 gpm pump), C-T and I-T. The most famous Ahrens-Fox’s product, model H-T, made its debut in 1937. It was 1000 gpm six-piston pumper powered by the six-cylinder Hercules HXE engine of 5-3/4 bore and six-inch stroke. With its graceful front fenders, long, tapered hood, one-piece contoured windshield and wide rear body, the Model H-T was a stunning visual combination of style and firefighting efficiency. The last Ahrens-Fox piston pumper built was delivered to Tarrytown in April 1952.

Predecessor: Ahrens-Fox H / N series 3

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