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Adler L.S. 11 / L.S.F.

1912 Adler Fire Truck



Adler L.S. 11 / L.S.F.

1911 - 1913

In 1911, the Frankfurter professional fire brigade received a complete fire engine with three motorized sprayers, a ladder and a tender car. Two of these fire trucks (type LF 11, 30/50 PS) helped the Frankfurt professional fire brigade extinguish a major fire at Opel in Rüsselsheim.

In the following year, the L.S.F. 3/40 (25/45 PS) with a hydraulic turntable ladder and the motorized sprayer type L.S.F. 3/60 (35/68 hp) on a 3.5 t chassis were appeared. From 1913, the crew, ladder and syringe vehicles were available with 35/40 and 40/50 hp engines as well as 1500-2000 liter high-pressure pumps on 2.5 and 3.5 t chassis.

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