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Methane Volvo truck


Methane Volvo truck

At the IAA, the company’s stand included a Volvo FM with 13-liter engine that runs on methane and diesel.

This truck offers up to 40 percent better fuel efficiency than the gas-powered trucks currently on the market.

“If methane gas from renewable sources is used instead of diesel oil, emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced by 80 percent,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks Europe Division.

Low fuel consumption and low climate impact are not the only advantages of the new technology. Methane gas is often considerably cheaper than diesel. And since liquefied gas (LNG) is used, the vehicle’s fuel tank is large enough for this solution to be perfectly viable even for long-haul operations. However, the current shortfalls in the distribution infrastructure for liquid methane pose something of an obstacle to widespread use. During next year, Volvo Trucks will start limited production of trucks featuring this technology.

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