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MAN Latin America presented an updated Volkswagen Constellation


MAN Latin America presented an updated Volkswagen Constellation

Volkswagen Constellation remains the sales leader in the local market for 4 years in a row. Nevertheless, the new owner of Volkswagen – MAN Latin America, does not stop there, and provided an updated model Volkswagen Constellation 24.280 Advantech.

So, the truck received an updated 6-cylinder MAN D08 engeine, corresponding to the local environmental regulations Proconve R-7 (equivalent to Euro V). This engine is 30 hp more powerful than its predecessor, but its torque is 1050 Nm. The engine uses exhaust gas recirculation system EGR, which does not use liquid Arla 32 (an analogue of AdBlue).

The new 9-speed mechanical gearbox ZF is more reliable and stable. EVB engine brake became more powerful and now produces about 200 hp. Colours and trim materials of the interior have also been changed. Some changes have affected to the driver’s ergonomics and safety, and the dashboard included the indicator of changing the fuel filter and the selected transmission gearbox.

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