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Kamaz presents a new cabin which is going to be produced in 2020


Kamaz presents a new cabin which is going to be produced in 2020

The new Kamaz-2020 cabin concept was presented by OJSC Kamaz during Comtrans-2015 show. On the 8th of September the company has shown its brand new revolutionary cabin, which is going to be produced in 2020.

The concept is based on an already existing Kamaz cabin. Kamaz-2020 is the larges cabin ever presented by the company, which offers the largest living space and comfortable conditions for drivers. It has a flat floor and almost 2m of space between floor and ceiling.

The brand new conception of the interior includes the combination of comfort and technology, which creates a versatile working space for effective and comfortable driving experience. As long as the new cabin features transformation support, any driver can turn his cabin into an office, a living room, a kitchen or a gym.

The cabin is also equipped with a health-care system, which will notify the driver about sleep-wakefulness pattern. Multimedia system offers unlimited video-calls. Drivers seat is equipped with an electro-magnetic suspension, which absorbs 90% of vibration. All these features make driving experience much easier and more comfortable, so that the driver could stay healthy and awake.

Some drawers are equipped with locks for private documentary storage. The cabin also has a sanitation zone, which includes a shower with LED lighting and a toilet. A fully functioning kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, coffee-machine, induction stove and a refrigerator. A sofa at the rear will always help the driver to relax. The floor can be transformed into a treadmill.

The cabins, including all the electronics and interior features, are to be produced in Naberezhnye Chelny. The company plans on adjusting their new product towards long-distance traffic.

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