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Iveco will presents new Daily in September


Iveco will presents new Daily in September

The new Daily light range commercial vehicle will be launched during September 2011.

The company has struck with the body-on-frame design that made the original so versatile when it came to custom configurations. The new commercial vehicle received a new PT Industrial 3.0-litre Euro 5 Diesel engine with 205 hp and 470 Nm of torque at its disposal. Thanks to the adoption of twin turbochargers, one compact and of low inertia to provide a rapid and vigorous response from a very low engine speed, and a larger unit to deliver the engine’s maximum performance, providing high torque and power with low emissions and fuel consumption.

For those interested in fewer emissions, the FPT Industrial 2.3-litre engine benefits from an increase in engine torque to 320 Nm and the new Multijet II multi-event fuel injection system that optimises the combustion process, bringing noteworthy benefits in terms of bare engine noise, fuel consumption and tail-pipe emissions.

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