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Fully electric terminal tractor Kalmar Ottawa T2


Fully electric terminal tractor Kalmar Ottawa T2

The US manufacturer of terminal trucks — Kalmar — released an electric version of the Kalmar Ottawa T2 tractor, which is designed to work in warehouses, container terminals and other short-distance applications.

“With the regulations relating to vehicle emissions becoming increasingly strict, more and more businesses are seeking alternatives to diesel-powered container and trailer-handling equipment,” said Gina Lopez, vice president, terminal tractors, Kalmar.

The electric tractor is equipped with lithium-ion batteries and a 170 kW electric motor. According to the company, such a truck will be cheaper and easier to maintain than a diesel analog due to the lack of a large number of rotating parts in the transmission. The maintenance process itself will be shorter, and the service intervals are longer.

The Kalmar Ottawa T2 tractor with electric drive has a built-in inverter charger, that allows the machine to be charged during natural work breaks.. The extended battery monitoring system displays the battery charge status and indicates to the driver when reloading is required.

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