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Design: Compact multifunctional truck CUB


Design: Compact multifunctional truck CUB

The Compact utility type I ‘CUB’ Concept by designer Francis Gomes is a brand new approach towards designing utility vehicles for the modern user.

The compact structure of the vehicle is better suited to the needs of inner city users like smaller business that needs to deliver products to buyers through streets which cannot be navigated by regular sized pickup trucks and when the cargo is too big for delivery bikes.

The Compact utility type I ‘CUB’ Concept is created to be flexible as well as lightweight and robust. At its center, the cabin is graced by a v-shaped frame which is rigged over by all the other components. For cargo beds, the extremes of the frame reach outwards to provide mount points in opposite direction. To keep the vehicle as lightweight as possible, plastic components are used extensively throughout the structure. Rather than a full metal framework and metal panels, plastic monocoque components are fixed around the chassis. A monocoque interior base is enclosed by an outer metal framework which allows the cabin to be affixed with other components.

An external combustion engine powers the vehicle which allows the vehicle to adapt to various fuels. To allow access to harsher terrain, portal axles are used in the vehicle along with tough plastic composites that are better equipped to handle wear and tear and do not rust. Flexible toughened glass is used throughout the vehicle in windows to provide better visibility.

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