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DAF introduces CF85 and XF105 ATe


DAF introduces CF85 and XF105 ATe

As part of its ATe (Advanced Transport Efficiency) programme, DAF is introducing special tractor versions of its successful CF85 and XF105 models, the specifications of which have been fully optimised for maximum efficiency and economy, and which therefore have as negligible an impact upon the environment as possible.

With a view to lowering fuel consumption as far as possible, measures were firstly taken to optimise aerodynamics. One of these is the addition of a complete package of roof spoilers and side fenders, combined with side skirts, which will be supplied on the CF85 and XF105 ATe as standard. Tyres that have a low rolling resistance are also supplied as standard. These come in size 315/70R22.5 to lower the vehicle height and to further decrease air resistance.

In the new CF85 and XF105 ATe models, the12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine is coupled to an AS Tronic automated gearbox with a shifting strategy that is fully optimised for lowering fuel consumption. The driver has the option to shift gears himself at speeds below 30 km/h and when using the MX Engine Brake; in all other situations the electronics decide the ideal shifting moment.

The ATe models have a direct drive driveline with a 2.69:1 reduction in order to achieve optimum fuel efficiency. A version with 2.53:1 reduction is available as an option for lighter use and applications. The ATe models also come with adaptive cruise control, which will help to reduce fuel consumption. The MX Engine Brake, which saves both fuel and load capacity, has been selected as a retarder. What is more, all CF85 and XF105 ATe models come with DAF EcoDrive driver training, which permanently reduces actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 3 to 5% on average.

Also the engines in ATe models are switched off automatically once they have been idling for five minutes, and the maximum speed ex-factory is limited to 85 instead of 89 km/h to achieve a 2 to 3% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In order to raise the driver’s awareness of the importance of low fuel consumption, information on the current and achieved fuel consumption is provided on the central display on the dashboard as standard.

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