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DAF expands its CF range


DAF expands its CF range

DAF has expanded its popular CF85 series with two four-axle rigid chassis vehicles. Both models feature three rear axles — the middle one driven and the front one steered.

On the new FAK CF85, the last axle is a trailing axle and on the FAQ CF85 a steered trailing axle. The four-axle FAK CF85 is ideal for applications such as a hook-lift, chain or skip-loader container loading system, where a high degree of stability is required during loading and unloading. The vehicle will therefore often be used for waste collection, in the construction and scrapping industry and for transporting containers — where a crane is often fitted to the rear of the cab.

The tridem set on the DAF FAK CF85 is made up of a steered leading rear axle, a driven axle and a trailing axle with dual tyre fitment. Both the leading rear axle and the trailing axle are liftable, meaning that the vehicle can also be used as a 6×2 or 4×2 when partially loaded. This approach not only reduces the turning circle but also lowers fuel consumption. It also results in less tyre wear and increased traction.The FAK CF85 is suitable for GVWs of 32 to 35.5 tonnes and GCWs of 40 to 50 tonnes, depending on legal requirements.

The new FAQ CF85 also features a tridem set but in this case the last axle is a steered trailing rear axle with single tyre fitment, resulting in maximum manoeuvrability and yard-friendliness. This configuration makes the four-axle vehicle perfect for use as a gulley emptier, hydraulic platform and waste press in urban areas, but also ideal for use in the agricultural sector for collecting milk, for example. Thanks to its low weight of 9100 kg (depending on the specification), the FAQ CF85 offers gross load capacities of up to around 27 tonnes with GVWs up to 36 tonnes, depending on legal requirements.

The new FAK CF85 and FAQ CF85 models are available with day, sleeper and extra-spacious Space Cab cabs. They are powered by the PACCAR MX engine with outputs of 265 kW/360 hp to 375 kW/510 hp. The CF85 FAK and FAQ are also available in the ultraclean EEV standard specification (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles).

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