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“AutoKraz” made a new municipal truck


“AutoKraz” made a new municipal truck

Ukrainian Holding Company “AvtoKrAZ” continues to work on its model line-up for municipal services. The new truck for today is a vacuum sweeper KrAZ K12.2 with equipment by City Fant 60, created in a partnership with the Globe-auto Co.

This vehicle is specially designed to clean streets, parking lots of public transport, large public areas and industrial zones, roads, drainage and ditches and wells. The sweeping equipment is mounted on a 2-axle cabover chassis KrAZ N12.2, with a new inline six-cylinder engine YMZ-536 (Euro 4) rated at 312 hp, and equipped with exhaust gas recirculation system and exhaust silencer with an integrated catalytic, single-plate clutch MFZ 430 and 9JS150TA gearbox. The engine design allows to achieve Euro-5 without significant cost.

Special equipment City Fant 60, produced by the German company «Bucher-Schoerling», consists of 6 cu.meters garbage hopper, 1500 l water tank, sweeping devices and matching garbage (disc or cylindrical brushes, the suction bell for the selection of large debris), moisture system, equipment for manual garbage collection in remote places (drainage ditches, wells, bins), equipment for cleaning traffic signs, public transport, park benches and cars after work. The equipment has a remote control located in the cab, allowing setting the desired parameters and controlling the operation of the major systems: the level of antifreeze, oil pressure, air filter clogging.

Special equipment is easily installing and uninstalling, which makes the vehicle all year round use. The main advantages of the new domestic vacuum cleaner are agility and high performance. Optionally, the KrAZ N12.2 chassis can be equipped with Renault (France) cab.

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