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American Long Haul Truck for 2030 by Josh Shercliff


American Long Haul Truck for 2030 by Josh Shercliff

2030 American Long Haul Aero Truck Concept by Josh Shercliff began with the idea to be able to instead look at the American truck via an aerodynamic perspective, in a bid to enhance fuel efficiency more than long journeys from high speed.

The sleek design along with wide arches permit for a much more weighted grip to the highway at high speed, along with giving other street users the concept of the automobile being risk-free. The canopy styled roof presents increased vision in all sides to the drivers. Heavily influenced by dynamic automobiles like formula 1 cars and drag racers it is a British seem at the American truck, crossing the actual American ideas of power and brawn with the European ideas regarding performance along with style to create the ultimate in a brand new range associated with aerodynamic long haul vans.

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