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New off-road lineup by Scania


New off-road lineup by Scania

Scania extends its customer offering with new P- and G-series trucks tailored to tough off-road working conditions.

New frontal styling and various sturdy components make them stand out from the crowd and able to withstand intense and unavoidable pounding without unnecessary downtime. The off-road trucks are initially based on the spacious Scania G-series. A full range of P-series models will follow at a later stage. The new trucks naturally benefit from all improvements, new features and functions introduced on Scania trucks, for example Scania Opticruise with off-road mode, new traction control features and the new retarder with enhanced low-speed performance, as well as all innovations on the chassis side.

The sturdy steel bumper protrudes 135 mm to protect the cab from minor bumps, an additional 80 mm compared to the previous protruding bumper, which is still available. Yet the new bumper has an attack angle of a full 25 degrees which, together with generous ramp and departure angles, for example, make the vehicle liable for off-road classification and thus exempt from the front underrun protection requirement.

The new off-road trucks have been styled to look the part and to be fit for the toughest tasks. The solid black grille and bumper structure reinforce the impression of strength and continues the ‘wrapping T’ theme that is so unmistakably Scania. In addition, some unique off-road styling and comfort touches make the vehicles stand out even more from the crowd. The headlamp and indicator units are mounted separately and further away from the bumper for additional protection against impact. Steel guards are fitted on the headlamp units and on the optional fog lights and spotlights, which are integrated in the bumper structure. A robust fixed headlamp cleaning system is available.

From 2012 they will all be powered by a global range of engines that will be used worldwide for all emission standards – Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6. European markets also have access to an extended range of Euro 5 and EEV engines with SCR technology. The engines can operate on up to 100% biodiesel.

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