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Mukana concept for developing countries


Mukana concept for developing countries

The Mukana Concept by Kirk Dyer is a vehicle created for developing countries, and more specifically Zimbabwe.

It is built using local manufacturing and materials and extensively adopting open source methodologies with the goal of bridging the technological gap between developed and developing countries, and allowing it to compete with mass produced imports. The open source nature of the vehicle allows owners to customize it to their own needs whilst taking advantage of local materials and skills.

The vehicle can be transformed into a safari car, a truck or a log hauler truck. The concept is powered by a Stirling engine, which allows it to run on practically any fuel. The unit acts like a generator in a Chevy Volt-like electric drivetrain. The design is inspired by the rhino – a native animal that carries over the metaphors of power, authority and strength as a symbol of empowerment.

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