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BAE Systems FH-77BW L52 Archer

BAE Systems FH-77BW L52 Archer

BAE Systems USA


BAE Systems FH-77BW L52 Archer

2013 - p.t.

The artillery system Archer is a Swedish self-propelled gun with an artillery gun in caliber 155 mm. Another name is FH-77BW L52 Archer. The Archer artillery system was created as a result of a request from the Swedish and Norwegian armed forces. In 2002, Bofors (today BAE Systems ) presented the first technology demonstrator. In 2013, the first systems for field test at the Swedish Armed Forces were delivered. The same year, Norway withdrew from the project for financial reasons. The definitive introduction in the Swedish army took place in the beginning of 2016.

The Archer artillery system consists of a 155 mm howitzer installed on a truck with an automatic loading system. The chassis of the artillery system Archer is based on the Volvo A30D 6×6 articulated truck. The engine is at the front of the vehicle with the driver’s cab. The engine used is an air-cooled diesel rated at 252 kW (340 hp). The chassis is equipped with a tire pressure control system.

The driver’s cab has NBC protection and it also protected against anti-tank mines, shrapnel, handguns, high-frequency microwaves and energy weapons. It provides space for the driver and the three-person gun crew. The cab contains all the systems for operating the howitzer and the atomistic charging system. Likewise, the fire control computer and the satellite navigation system are housed there. A remote controlled weapon station Protector M151 with a 12.7 mm machine gun installed on the roof.

The gun used is a modified version of the 155 mm FH 77B05 howitzer with 52 caliber lengths (L / 52). This is an evolution of Fälthaubits 77 (FH-77). The gun barrel is made of high-strength steel. The lock chamber has a volume of 25 liters and a screw lock. The tube cradle has two hydropneumatic tube brakes on the gun barreland return devices mounted. The fully automatic loading device feeds the projectiles and places them in the pipe.

The artillery system reaches a maximum speed of 70 kph and has a range of up to 500 km. The maximum allowed bank angle is 30%. The vehicle can overcome water with a maximum depth of 1.2 m and it can pass through the snow cover of up to one meter in thickness. The ground clearance is 45 cm.

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