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AWD-Bedford MTM

AWD-Bedford MTM55



AWD-Bedford MTM

1990 - 1992

AWD-Bedford MTM55 is an active combination with wheel configuration 8×6 consisted of a tractor AWD-Bedford TM and an all-wheel drive semi-trailer developed by Multidrive company.

The first defense use of the Multidrive concept was for fuel tankers for use in Operation Granby, the liberation of Kuwait. The MoD purchased 26 fuel and water tanker systems, based on Bedford AWD tractor units. The trailer has powered axles and the tanker and pumping equipment were supplied by Thompson Tankers, Wolverhampton, England.

The 8×6 ‘Improved Mobility’ tanker trailer could hold 20,000 Litres of fuel or water with the ability to discharge from the left or right. Using the powered trailer and rear wheel steering, it was highly mobile, having a 17 m turning circle for example. Other advantages were reported to be improved tire scrub, low chassis stress and increased safety, especially on gradients.

The second version was a trialed a flat-bed version for transporting smaller vehicles AWD-Bedford MTM40-30. The only prototype was made. There was also a prototype of a construction combination AWD-Bedford MTM55 with an active dump trailer.

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