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Aveling-Barford RXD24 / RXD25 / RXD28 / RXD35

Aveling-Barford RXD28



Aveling-Barford RXD24 / RXD25 / RXD28 / RXD35

1985 - 1996

Aveling-Barford’s the only 6×6 articulated dump truck was called RXD. The first 25-ton RXD25 (and its versions RXD025 and RXD125) was appeared in 1985. 44 copies were made till 1989. This year it was replaced by 3 new versions: 24-ton RXD24, 28-ton RXD28 and 35-ton RXD35.

Aveling-Barford RXD24 was fitted with a 250 hp Cummins LT10 diesel and ZF6WG200 gearbox. Heaped capacity – 12 m3. 28-ton Aveling-Barford RXD28 has the same engine and transmission. Heaped capacity – 14 m3. 145 copies of RXD24 and RXD28 were made till 1996. Aveling-Barford RXD35 was the heaviest version in the range. Only few copies were made.

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