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Available H / JH / L / J / S / R

1922 Available



Available H / JH / L / J / S / R

1919 - 1929

By 1919, the Available line included the 2-ton H-2, the 2.5-ton H-2-1/2, the 3.5-ton H-3, and the 5-ton H-5. All featured worm drive and Continental engines with a conventional engine-under-the-hood configuration.

In 1920, Available added the 7-ton Invincible H-7. It had a 4-cylinder 56 HP Waukesha engine. Additional models in Available’s lineup included the H-1-1/2 Commercial Wagon, the H-2-1/2 Power Vehicle, the H-3-1/2 General Utility, and the H-5 Royal Champion.

For 1921, Hercules 4-cylinder engines powered all 5 models. By April 1922, Available dropped the H-7, offering the JH-1-1/2 and JH-2-1/2 and the H-3-1/2 and H-5 for 1923. Available introduced the 1-ton Hustler for 1924. Available also added the JH-2, bringing total offerings to six.

In 1925, Available added the 1.5-ton Hustler. The remaining five models, including a new 4-ton capacity model, utilized revised designations: L-2, L-2-1/2, L-3-1/2, L-4, and L-5.

Adding the 3-ton L-3, Available carried over the remaining models for an eight-model lineup in 1926 and 1927. The Hustler models were given new model designations – J1 and J1-1/2. Sagnificantly, 1927 was the last year Available offered only 4-cylinder engines.

In 1928, Available expanded its lineup to include six models powered by 6-cylinder engines as well as seven powered by 4-cylinder engines. Given new models designations, the 6-cylinder models using numbers to designate ton capacity included the Model S1, S1-1/2, R1-1/2, R2, R2-1/2, and R3.

Predecessor: Available Model 1 / Model 2 / Model 3-1/2 / Model 5
Successor: Available T-series

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