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Autocar DCV-7264



Autocar DCV

1962 - n/a

A new series of over-the-road tractors with improved efficiency, increased payload capacity, and reduced maintenance has been announced in 1962. Called the DCV Series, these tractors feature a 90 in. BBC dimension, new engines, a one-piece tilt forward fiberglass hood, and lightweight design. The chassis have GCW ratings as high as 76,800 lb (ca. 35 t).

Autocar’s new line consists of a single rear axle tractor (DCV72T), a tandem axle tractor (DCV7264T), and another tandem with its front axle “set back” for maximum loading in non-bridge formula states (DCV7364T).

There are also lightweight versions of the above units. Standard equipment in Autocar’s DCV models is a new naturally aspirated Cummins V8 diesel engine (V8-265) rated at 265 hp. Lighter and more compact, providing efficiency and fuel economy, the horsepower to engine weight ratio is 6.70 lb.

All engine accessories are located on top of the engine between the two banks of cylinders. Fenders are fiberglass and independently mounted so that can be quickly removed. Among other standard components are: a 14 in. 2-plate clutch, 10-speed unit mounted transmission, 11,000 lb (ca. 5 t) capacity front axle, 23,000 lb (ca. 10 t) capacity single or 34.000 lb (ca. 15 kg) capacity tandem rear axle. A full range of optional components and equipment is available.

Predecessor: Autocar DCU
Successor: Autocar AU-70

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