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Autocar DC-10064 / DC-10364 / DC-10564 / DC-20064 / DC-20364



Autocar DC-10064 / DC-10364 / DC-10564 / DC-20064 / DC-20364

1950 - 1965

In 1950, an extended range of specialized heavy trucks for the oilfield industry also began to be equipped with a new metal cabins. The updated range included three-axle long wheelbase chassis DC-10064-N and SN with NRB and NH engines, dump trucks and tractors DC-10364S-OH with 220-335 hp engines, all-wheel drive chassis DC-10366S-OH, short wheelbase chassis and tractors DC-10564S-OH, tractors DC-20064 with carrying capacity up to 50 tons and the heaviest chassis and dump trucks DC-20064S-OH with 250-335 hp engines.

Several trucks DC-20364S-OH were used by Amherst Coal Company. They were equipped with 36 cu.yd. bodies and diesel engines rated at 300 hp. Almost all versions of trucks for oilfield industry were equipped with 24-inch wheels.

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