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Austin WE



Austin WE

1955 - 1964

Despite having the appearance of being a much larger truck, the WE range was the “normal-control” counterpart to both the FE and its successor, the FG. Derived from Austin’s Loadstar cab, in most other respects its specifications mirrored those of its aforementioned counterparts.

The WE range included 3-ton model S303, 4-ton model S403 and 5-ton model S503. S303 and S403 could be equipped with 4 litre BMC petrol engine or 3.1 litre BMC diesel engine, while the heaviest in the range S503 was available either with 4 litre BMC petrol engine, or 5.1 litre BMC diesel engine.

Predecessor: Austin K2 / K4 Loadstar
Successor: Austin WF

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