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Austin FE



Austin FE

1954 - 1959

In 1954, the Morris FV gained the new Series II cab. Being a post-merger product, the Series II also featured distinct styling for its Morris and Austin versions; the former had the distinctive inverted heart-shaped grille which had also been seen on the initial versions of the J-Type and LD vans, while the latter had a low-mounted horizontal grille, flanked by the headlamps and set within a ridged panel.

This Austin’s model called 3- / 5-ton. In 1955, after just one year, the FV was replaced by the FE (or Series III) cab. Now both Morris Commercial and Austin models received a single corporate design, which was almost identical to Austin’s version. So new Austin FE was an absolute copy of the previous model 3- / 5-ton. Morris Commercial used the same styling, but the grille was different.

Successor: Austin FG / S200 / 404Austin FF / FH / 45

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