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Astra HD7 SM44 / SM66 / SM88

Astra HD7 SM44 / SM66 / SM88



Astra HD7 SM44 / SM66 / SM88

1994 - n/a

In 1994, the HD6 8000 series appeared, which included the range of heavy aircraft transportable tactical vehicles SM (Standard Militare), produced under the Astra and Iveco brands. They differed from civilians in a more spacious rectangular 5-seater cabin, all disc brakes with ABS and a tire inflation system.

The 300- and 370 hp SM44.30 (4×4) and SM66.37 (6×6) flatbed trucks for transporting soldiers, ammunition and towing artillery guns were base models. They were named M170.30WM and M250.37WM under IVECO range.

The chassis SM88.42 (M320E42W) 8×8 with a GVW of 34 tons, fitted with a 420-horsepower IVECO diesel engine and an automatic 6-speed transmission, was used to install special equipment and weapons.

In 1996, Astra started production of the new civilian range HD7/s, based on which the modernized military series was born. It consists of three base models: SM44.31 (M170.31WM) 4×4, SM66.40 (M250.40WM) 6×6 and SM88.45 (M320.45WM) 8×8 with a payload capacity of 7-17 tons, equipped with an IVECO Cursor 13 diesel engine rated at 310 (for 4×4), 400 (for 6×6) and 450 hp (for 8×8), 16-speed manual or 5- or 6-speed automatic gearbox.

These chassis are used for transporting tracked combat vehicles, container handlers, repair and recovery equipment, radar stations, air defense systems, satellite systems control and installations for launching tactical missiles. The military program included the 500-horsepower tank tractor SM88.50T (M1100.50WTM) 8×8 with a 32-speed transmission and two winches. As part of the road train with a GCVW of up to 130 tons, it can reach top speed of 80 km/h.

The family includes the following models:

SMR – Light Series:

  • SMR44.31 – 4×4 cargo truck,
  • SMR66.40 – tank or artillery tractor 6×6,
  • SMR88.45 – 8×8 multi lift.

SMH – Heavy Series:

  • SMH66.40 – truck or tank 6×6,
  • SMH66.45 – tractor unit or dump truck 6×6,
  • SMH88.45 – truck or crane 8×8,
  • SM88.50T – 8×8 tank tractor.

Predecessor: Astra HD6 Military versions

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