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Astra HD6



Astra HD6

1994 - 1996

Since 1994, the upgraded Astra HD6 series has been produced. The 4-axle series “8000” appeared in the range. It includes two 30-ton 420-horsepower dump trucks “84.42” and “84.52” (8×4) with a 420 hp diesel engine and one special “88.42” (8×8) 17.5-ton army chassis with a gross weight of 32 tons equipped with an automatic 6-speed gearbox.

The range consisted of 3 series – “4000”, “6000” and “8000”. They included dump trucks with rear unloading, concrete mixers, flatbed trucks and chassis for special equipment. Less commonly, trucks are used as tractors. The designation of the models consists of 4 digits: the first two are the wheel configuration, the last two are engine power in tens of hp.

The 4000 series includes two-axle vehicles with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive chassis. Payload is up to 8.5 tons. The 6000 series includes 12 types of reinforced three-axle chassis, providing a GVW of a single unit of up to 38 tons. The main body types are dump trucks, concrete mixers and truck tractors. Externally, trucks of the updated HD6 series can be distinguished from the BM series by the increased cabin height.

Predecessor: Astra BM 6000-series
Successor: Astra HD7 / HD7/C

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