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AEC Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII “Tin Front”

AEC Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII "Tin Front"



AEC Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII “Tin Front”

1955 - 1960

The first noticeable change in the exterior of trucks was made only in the mid-50s with presenting of updated cab “Tin Front”. These cabins were used on all AEC range, including the third generation of Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII. The trucks with these cabs received the codes 3481, 2, 3, 4. The “Tin Front” cab was differed by smoother shape of the front part, with a big grille and integrated round headlamps.

Predecessor: AEC Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII (model 3471)
Successor: AEC Mandator MkV (model G4) and AEC Matador MkII (model 4GM4RA)

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