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Hitachi introduces the updated dump truck


Hitachi introduces the updated dump truck

After several months of field testing, the company’s newest model — the electric-drive Hitachi EH4000ACII — is ready to roll.

It combines Hitachi’s time-honored front trailing arm and NEOCON-ETM suspension system with the vertical integration of Hitachi’s own IGBT AC-Drive technology. The result is a smooth-steering, smooth-riding, highly dependable, and long-lasting haul truck that mining operations will appreciate.

Because it utilizes AC-drive technology, the EH4000ACII has lower life-cycle costs and better performance on grade uphill or downhill with superior rimpull and retarding capabilities. The brushless motors of the AC-drive system provide lower maintenance costs while providing increased uptime. Trolley-assist options are available to improve performance on grade by increasing productivity while reducing fuel consumption during the haul cycle. Turning diameter is 30.2 m.

The newly designed air-ride seat and optional semi-active seat, combined with a three-point rubber iso-mount on the cab, deliver a comfortable ride. A new Hitachi-made controller monitors truck systems and replaces multiple outsourced controllers. A simple flat-panel dashboard consists of a 26.4 cm (10.4″) LCD monitor that eliminates all independently placed gauges and lights.

The philosophy behind the monitor in the trucks is the same as the Hitachi EX-6 Series Mining Excavators — it allows for quick troubleshooting on the machine to reduce costs and downtime. Auto Cruise Control keeps vehicle speed constant within the set range by limiting the minimum vehicle speed. Auto Retarding Control keeps vehicle downhill speed constant within the set range by limiting the maximum vehicle speed.

AC-retarding slows the truck to near-zero ground speed, greatly reducing brake wear. To come to a complete stop, the service-brake blending feature automatically kicks in to combine the braking action of the service brakes with the dynamic retardation of the IGBT AC-drive system.

This means there is just one pedal to use to achieve a smooth braking action all the way down to zero. A hill-hold brake feature is also included as a part of service-brake blending. The engine is Cummins QSKTA60-CE, 1864 kW (2500 hp), nominal payload is 222 tonnes, GVW is 384 000 kg, maximum speed is 34.8 mph (56 km/h).

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