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Design project Fuso Concept II by Mitsubishi Fuso Co.


Design project Fuso Concept II by Mitsubishi Fuso Co.

FUSO-Concept II” is a design concept model of a heavy-duty truck eying the commercial vehicles market in 2032, the 100th anniversary year of the Fuso brand.

“The commercial vehicles industry in twenty years will see the Asian transportation network fully interconnected to Europe.” said Mr. Gustav Tuschen, MFTBC Vice President of Product Engineering. “In addition to this, advanced technologies will also see a leap, such as realization of automated vehicle formation driving and significant advance in battery and fuel cell technologies.” Based on such predictions, FUSO-Concept II foresees trucks on the Asian Highway AH1 connecting Tokyo and Istanbul in 2032.

It is designed to improve aerodynamics and payload efficiency and included such features as solar panel-generated hybrid technology and adoption of automated vehicle formation driving mode. The streamlined front end and efficient back will significantly reduces air resistance. For an even greater effect, the cabin and cargo compartment combined into a one part. The cabin itself has a panoramic glass which provides excellent visibility and comfort for the driver.

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