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Dayun presented updated trucks and future developments


Dayun presented updated trucks and future developments

At a recent conference, the Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has showed pictures of the updated Big Win trucks, as well as computer images of their future models. The refreshed serial trucks go on sale as early as this summer.

The Chinese have only freshened the front mask of the truck, trying to make the appearance more modern. The cabin’s radiator grille is now painted in body color and has two beams instead of three. Grille on the bumper is black, but the number of beams is also reduced to 2. Probably, that’s all.

More interesting are the computer sketches of prospective models N6 and N9. The N9 range is a further modernization of the Big Win lineup with a new design of front mask, new bumper and headlights. The N6 is a completely new range with the new generation cab. Will we see these trucks in dealers or not? This question is not clear for me. But knowing Chinese, I think we will see production models very soon.

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