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Cummins and Peterbilt displayed their high efficient combination


Cummins and Peterbilt displayed their high efficient combination

Engine manufacturer Cummins and truck maker Peterbilt Motors Company, displayed their new SuperTruck that is 54 percent more fuel-economic than the majority of other semi-trucks.

Their long-hauler has a higher-efficiency engine and an aerodynamic tractor-trailer that reduces drag. To further decrease the fuel consumption, the engineers fitted it with lower rolling resistance tires, lightweight materials and a new system that converts exhaust heat into power which is delivered back to the crankshaft.

Test results showed that in this setup, the truck managed a 9.9 mpg (28.5 l/100 km) fuel consumption. The test was conducted over 11 runs that met the SAE International standards. An average American long-hauler achieves a fuel consumption of between 5.5 and 6.5 mpg (51-43 l/100 km), meaning that the new improved SuperTruck can save about $25,000 (€19,300) per year based on today’s diesel prices and judging that a year’s average travel is estimated at 120,000 miles (193,100 km).

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