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Brazilian Ford Cargo will get Euro 5 engines


Brazilian Ford Cargo will get Euro 5 engines

Brazilian Ford Company has announced that from 2012 the Cargo range will be equipped with new engines Cummins ISB Euro 5 (4.5 and 6.7 liters) and ISL (8.9 liters).

The trucks will use SCR system with the addition of reductant ARLA 32 (probably local name of AdBlue). The new engines have a wider range of torque at low revs, which reduces fuel consumption by 5-7%. The updated lineup will include 12 models: Cargo 816, Cargo 1319, Cargo 1519, Cargo 1723, Cargo 1719, Cargo 1933 R, Cargo 1933 T, Cargo 2423, Cargo 2429, Cargo 2623, Cargo 2629 and Cargo 3133.

Now let’s talking about the new engines. 4.5-liter Cummins ISB 160 hp engine will replace the 3.9-liter ISB rated at 150 hp. Its maximum torque is 550 Nm is stored in a wider range of revs from 1100 to 2000 rev/min. 190 hp version of the same engine will replace the 3.9-liter 170-hp engine. Maximum torque of the new unit is 600 Nm. 5.9-liter 220-hp engine will be replaced by a new 6.7-liter engine with an output of 230 hp and torque of 821 Nm. A 290 hp version of this engine with 951 Nm of torque replaces the old 5.9-liter 275-hp engine. Finally, the new 8.9-liter ISL 330 hp and torque of 1300 Nm replaces the former 320 hp ISC315.

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